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Mihovil Stanić mihovil at miho.im
Fri Jul 17 09:04:09 UTC 2020

Well, this is actually very good to have and seams as nice way to 
protect your saved passwords in Thunderbird.
Wayne explained in in comments bellow that post.


17.07.2020 u 10:19, Matt Harris je napisao/la:
> Well the first of the tell us what you think folks has made it to 
> support. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1295314
> To quote
>     So a new change in version 78 is that "Thunderbird will now ask
>     for OS account password before displaying saved passwords". This
>     is akin to a business or credit card company asking me for my
>     Social Security Number, in other words, totally unacceptable. This
>     is a deal killer for me, I'll never update to version 78.0 as long
>     as this "feature" is in place.
> So I though I would see what that was all about.  I searched 
> Bugzilla.  Nothing.
> A general Google search lists loads of copy and paste pages parroting 
> the release notes text,  but nothing on that expands on the statement.
> Was this a platform or Thunderbird change.  I have no idea.
> What does it really affect,  again I have no idea.  It sounds like yet 
> another thing I will be wanting to disable though!
> Perhaps someone can suggest a way to turn these random bits of text in 
> the release notes into a way to get details because I am about done 
> trying.  My 6 hour venture today into V78 resulted in me back on 68 to 
> stay I think. I can't make my profile work in 78. it just displays an 
> empty non functional user interface.
> I guess I will not be supporting V78 as I can not get it to actually 
> function, let alone find the details of what the changes actually are 
> or how they should work.  I hope others have better luck.
> Matt
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