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Chris Ilias tb-planning2 at ilias.ca
Tue Jul 14 12:51:08 UTC 2020

Willing? Of course! 😀
Have time? Unfortunately not. ☹️

neandr wrote on 2020-07-14 5:41 AM:
> An easy to access good (and most hopefully local language) Support 
> pages is a strong argument for new users but also for current users. 
> So Matt's call is a good approach.
> I hope there are a lot of TB fans who would be willing to help. But 
> unfortunately the current pages are not very clear to give this help, 
> and the following lines are not helpful to understand this. It would 
> be helpful to be able to call up the current tools. So potential 
> helpers would be better able to estimate their possibilities.
> Am 14.07.20 um 03:07 schrieb Matt Harris:
>> Clearly we are locked to SUMO as it is the only workable location for 
>> in app links.  Mozilla found that when they tried to migrate to 
>> Lithium,  so a new software solution is not really an option. We are 
>> as wedded to Kitsune as we are to the Mozilla platform, but other 
>> than the software used just about everything about support 
>> documentation is open for discussion.
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