TB 78 Coming soon. The knowledge base needs you.

Matt Harris unicorn.consulting at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 01:07:47 UTC 2020

As you will no doubt be aware,  Thunderbird 78 is approaching release.  
given the massive changed to option in 78 every knowledge base article 
that references opions in the text will need new images and probably a 
rewrite to describe the location of settings as their location is no 
longer even similar.

This is not a trivial task as there is an expectation that images for 
Linux, Windows and MacOS will be provided.  Thunderbird knowledge base 
is getting worse as far as updates are concerned as there is basically 
no one that looks after it and writes new content updates articles.  The 
project does not have a technical writer for user support documentation 
and updates are largely relegated to support folks and translators 
seeing something that they know is wrong and correcting it.  So I am 
asking the community. You.  To wade in an help bring the behemoth up to 
date.  I understand folks are trying to resurrect the mozillazine 
knowledge base.  Perhaps they might invest some effort in the official 
documentation instead of creating a competing site to draw on the 
limited maintenance resources.

I think it is also time for the community to discuss and decide what 
they want from the knowledge base.  Clearly the continuing efforts to 
resurrect mozillazine would indicate it's current form does not suit 

So I throw this open for discussion;

How do we maintain the information in an acceptable state of update?
How do we get actual specifications on how features are supposed to work?
How can we translate feature up-dates in Bugzilla to SUMO so releases 
are actually documented in sufficient technical detail to be useful. (I 
still have nothing on policies that was announced in the release notes 
for 68.)

Clearly we are locked to SUMO as it is the only workable location for in 
app links.  Mozilla found that when they tried to migrate to Lithium,  
so a new software solution is not really an option. We are as wedded to 
Kitsune as we are to the Mozilla platform, but other than the software 
used just about everything about support documentation is open for 

Finally,  should the project hire a technical writer for user documentation?


“Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain.” /― Friedrich 
von Schiller, Die Jungfrau von Orleans /
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