Updates to Thunderbird and MailNews core reviewers

Magnus Melin mkmelin+mozilla at iki.fi
Mon Jul 6 20:26:58 UTC 2020

Hey, it's time for an overdue update to the Thunderbird 
<https://wiki.mozilla.org/Modules/All#Thunderbird> and MailNews Core 
<https://wiki.mozilla.org/Modules/All#MailNews_Core> reviewers.

I've updated the Thunderbird module as follows:

  * Added Geoff Lankow as a peer for Thunderbird
  * Moved Tom Prince to emeritus status for the Build Config submodule
  * Added Geoff Lankow as owner of Add-on Support
  * Made Alessandro Castellani owner of the UX submodule
  * Added a new submodule Message Security, owned by Kai Engert and with
    Patrick Brunschwig and myself as peers.

The MailNews Core module was updated as follows:

  * Ken James moved to emeritus status
  * Added Ben Campbell as a module peer
  * Added Geoff Lankow as owner of Addressbook
  * Added Gene Smith as owner of IMAP
  * Added Ben Campbell as owner of LDAP
  * Moved Jonathan Protzenko to Gloda emeritus status
  * Added Geoff Lankow as owner of Testing Infrastructure
  * Removed the Build Config submodule (this is covered by Thunderbird
    Build Config for all practical purposes)
  * Added Kai Engert as owner of S/MIME
  * Removed the Editor submodule (not used by Thunderbird anymore,
    SeaMonkey has its own component for it)

Congrats to your new official powers everyone!


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