Thunderbird 78 coming soon

Wayne Mery vseerror at
Thu Jul 2 21:19:48 UTC 2020

Thunderbird 78.0 will be available soon.

Even though we are feature complete**, rough edges can be smoothed and 
it always helps to have fresh eyes to find issues. To help, you can 
either wait for the 78 announcement, or install beta which is also where 
fixes will appear first (fixes to release 78 come a few weeks later).  
Details below on how you can help us get the product in better shape.

    ** Two exceptions: 1) new built-in encryption 
<>, replacing Enigmail which 
does not run in 78 - if you are an enigmail user do NOT install 78 or 
beta, and 2) new preferences search


The Release Team


  * The current state of beta is 78.0b4, which is what will ship as 78.0.
  * Do not use 78 beta if you rely on add-ons.  Add-on authors are still
  * 78 has many changes and fixes since a year ago starting with beta
    69.  Please check the text version of release notes (draft)

  * You have two choices of how to run beta:
      o Use your existing data profile so that you don't have to
        recreate your configuration. However, after starting 78 on this
        profile you will NOT be able to use it with version 68 because
        78 migrates some data structures. Install and start the beta,
        then restart with your version 68 profile using Help >
        Troubleshooting > about:profiles and pick your v68 profile, most
        likely named "default". Remember, after doing that you will NOT
        be able to use this profile with version 68.
      o Use beta with a new profile, so you can still use v68 with your
        old profile.  Beta will install into it's own directory leaving
        the v68 program intact.  Starting the beta creates a new profile
        because by default a dedicated profile is used per Thunderbird
        Thereafter, when starting beta or v68 you will want to use the
        profile manager
        so that the install uses the proper profile.
  * Regardless of which choice you make, you will first want to back up
    your profiles
    for peace of mind.
  * If you have difficulty or questions use the forum at
    More beta info at
  * To follow along as bugs are reported during the 78 testing, CC
    yourself to Bug 1644037 - Bugs found during testing and release of
    TB78 <>.
  * Report bug found during testing
    /* /IF your report is an enhancement request or is _not_ a
    regression, remove blocking bug #1644037 and regression keyword
    strings before clicking submit.
  * Download beta <>//////

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