Interest check: Merging Mail Summaries into c-c?

Jim Porter jporter at
Fri Jan 31 10:26:28 UTC 2020

On 1/28/20 12:46 AM, Jim Porter wrote:
> Ages ago (Thunderbird 3!), there was a plan to add folder/account 
> summaries to Thunderbird[1].
> If there's interest in this, I'll put together a list of the bugs/work 
> that needs to be done.

Cool, I'm glad to see that people are interested in this!

I've filed a list of bugs blocking the main bug for the project: 
Any help/feedback on these would be greatly appreciated. Once all the 
preliminary work is done, I'll put together the patches for the actual 
summaries and we can start cleaning things up where needed to get them 
in a landable state.

- Jim

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