Interest check: Merging Mail Summaries into c-c?

Jim Porter jporter at
Tue Jan 28 08:46:19 UTC 2020

Ages ago (Thunderbird 3!), there was a plan to add folder/account 
summaries to Thunderbird[1]. As some of you know, I've taken those 
patches and turned them into the Mail Summaries add-on. Unfortunately, I 
haven't had time to do much with that add-on, and really, it was only 
meant to serve as a way of refining the prototype to eventually merge it 
into Thunderbird proper.

Would there be interest in getting this merged into Thunderbird? I'm 
happy to help drive this, provided others are also willing to help 
(especially with reviews). It's basically feature-complete, although the 
NNTP/RSS account summaries could use some improvements.

If there's interest in this, I'll put together a list of the bugs/work 
that needs to be done.

- Jim

[1] See and

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