[Council Meeting] Minutes from 2019-12-18

Wayne Mery vseerror at lehigh.edu
Mon Jan 27 15:49:08 UTC 2020

To preface the items I will clarify below:
a) for us to properly respond it would be helpful in the future if you 
point out specifically which issue(s) you seek clarification
b) what we share are not really minutes - they are a summary of what we 
are able to usefully share publicly

As a general matter we can perhaps be more clear by stating which items 
we cannot be more public.

As for this set of minutes, in order:
* Regarding hirings, the approval was an ordinary renewal of a contract, 
but in general we do not publicly share details about employees.
* The new positions will be made public when the jobs are posted.
* Regarding EOY donations, the numbers were only preliminary because we 
were only partly through December - more information will eventually be 
* Election details will be shared when they are ready to begin.
* The encryption discussion involves issues which cannot yet be made public.

On 1/24/20 6:40 PM, Eyal Rozenberg wrote:
> With due respect - if you're going to make the minutes this opaque, you 
> might as well just declare you're not taking minutes. I can't garner a 
> single meaningful fact from these.
> Eyal
> On 24/01/2020 17:29, Wayne Mery wrote:
>> Hello all.
>> Please see the summary of the Thunderbird Council meeting from 
>> December 18, 2019 below.
>> ----
>> Thunderbird Project Council Meeting 2019-12-18
>> Call Summary
>> Date: Thursday, December 18, 2019
>> Keeper of the minutes: Wayne
>> In the call: Ryan, Berna, Wayne, Jörg, Magnus, Philipp
>> Regrets: Patrick
>> The meeting commences at 2:00 PM CEST.
>> Agenda:
>> Hiring:
>> * The Council voted to approve funding for an existing employee.
>> * Jörg, Ryan and Magnus will discuss budget for additional positions.
>> Financial:
>> * EOY donations are up compared to November, as is common towards the 
>> end of the year where donations are stronger.
>> Governance:
>> * Continued planning in progress for upcoming election cycle.
>> Miscellaneous:
>> * Further discussion regarding existing and future encryption mechanisms.
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