[Council Meeting] Minutes from 2019-12-12

Ryan Sipes ryan at thunderbird.net
Fri Jan 17 00:39:43 UTC 2020

Sorry Eyal, was going to reply to your other email today.

I have news on this front that I will share very soon, but cannot share
at the moment. I think you will be happy with the nature of these

Ryan Sipes
Community and Business Development Manager
Thunderbird <https://thunderbird.net>

On 1/16/20 3:07 PM, Eyal Rozenberg wrote:
> Can you share this update, briefly with the list? Are there important
> news from the foundation?
> (I've already asked this following the last minutes summary, didn't
> get a response.)
> Eyal
> On 17/01/2020 0:03, Ryan Sipes wrote:
>> * An update from Ryan about his last conversation with our contacts
>> in the Mozilla Foundation.
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