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Matt Harris unicorn.consulting at gmail.com
Fri Jan 10 00:40:23 UTC 2020

On 10-Jan-20 1:14 AM, Patrick Cloke wrote:
> * Ryan discussed what a paid support program might look like and how 
> we could get started. 
/Interesting,  how would it look?  Given the project currently has no 
support forum or documentation on it's own servers it will certainly be 
starting with a greenfields site. I doubt Mozilla would be amenable to 
using their infrastructure for paid support. If the plan is to move 
support.  Just remember the Mozilla disaster that was Lithium.  After 
months everything went back to Kitsune because no one could make in app 
links work without kitsune to do the localization and URL resolution.  
Any move will need significant development effort and a lot of 
planning.  Simply DNS changes to reroute traffic will not be possible.

Would the paid support extend to fixing the bugs that folks want fixed 
so their experience can continue as it used to? Redhat style "//Our 
support team works hand in hand with the best engineers in the industry 
to quickly turn customer feedback into product improvements." or 
something else?

Finally for support of any sort to work, including what we have now,  
there has to be a mechanism that communicates major software changes to 
the trenches.  In a fully formed manner,  not the 10 words that appears 
in release notes without any way to dig into what the change actually 
does. I find it difficult to just locate the bugs that should be 
mentioned in the release notes.  So I am no longer even attempting to 
write whats new articles.

Personally I think a feedback location is needed more at this time that 
a new support mechanism.  Users expect to be able to tell the 
organization and the developers "they suck"  I am tired of fielding them 
in support.  A feedback link on the opening page would do it nicely, or 
we could copy the Firefox help menu entry. But telling the developers 
that not warning them all their add-ons would be disabled is not a 
support issue. It is a direct result of a decision made.  Not fixing the 
bug that results in add-ons not being updated long with the version 
update is also a hot property with users.  Again,  not a support issue.  
The support forum is full of people who have lost their profile in the 
upgrade process. Profile per install is really a rolling disaster.  
Users want to feed that back up the development tree.

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