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Tue Jan 7 22:15:33 UTC 2020


As you may know we have started working toward the integration of 
Lightning/Calendar into Thunderbird.  See this meta bug:

Philipp, Magnus, Alessandro, and I have thoroughly discussed two 
possible options (system add-on and direct integration) while 
considering input from Geoff and others.  We have now decided on the 
direct integration option, with some guidelines for the handling of 
Calendar code.  This email is to announce the decision and share those 
guidelines, which are below.

The primary goal of these guidelines is to maintain the modularity of 
the Calendar code.  The guidelines should be clear (feel free to skip 
ahead and read them), but a concrete example may help to illustrate 
things.  Take menu integration, for example.  For a single Calendar menu 
item in a Thunderbird menu, it would make sense to just inline it in the 
Thunderbird UI file, using code comments and/or naming conventions to 
communicate that it is a calendar integration point.  For an entire menu 
or perhaps a menu item with many sub-menus, it would make sense for that 
UI code to be in a file in the calendar directory.  It could then be 
included in the Thunderbird UI code by using a preprocessor directive in 
the Thunderbird UI code.  Basically, smaller parts could be directly 
in-lined, and larger parts would stay in the calendar directory and be 
included by preprocessing.

Any questions about any of this are welcome.



Guidelines for Calendar Integration in Thunderbird

We will be transitioning Lightning/Calendar away from being an add-on so 
that it is, from the user’s perspective, just a part of Thunderbird.  
Going forward, we will adopt these guidelines in order to maintain, at 
the level of code and from the programmer’s perspective, the modularity 
of Calendar as a separate component within Thunderbird.  The goal is to 
keep open the possibility of re-use of the calendar component/code, with 
minimal effort, in other ways or contexts in the future (e.g. a separate 
Calendar application), by not letting it become too coupled with 
Thunderbird code.

To that end we will seek to maintain (e.g. in code reviews) a separation 
of concerns between Calendar’s (1) UI integration code, (2) core UI 
code, and (3) “business logic” code.

1. UI Integration code should live in the calendar/ directory, but may 
be placed in other directories if necessary. Acceptable use cases include:

- Use of preprocessor defines to reference files in the calendar/ directory

- Single UI elements, properly identified as calendar items. For example 
using naming conventions (calendar-foobar-menuitem)

2. Core UI code must live in the calendar directory.

3. Business logic must live in the calendar directory as well.


Review of calendar code continues to require a peer of the calendar 
module. This includes larger chunks of calendar code outside of the 
calendar/ directory. To the contrary, use of preprocessor includes as 
well as similar use cases mentioned above don't require a calendar review.

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