Bleeding Users, Since Christmas - following borked TB Updates

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> *Subject:*Re: Bleeding Users, Since Christmas - following borked TB Updates
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> On 2020-01-07 16:23, Axel Grude wrote:
>> I am pretty sure it's due to a Thunderbird bug that claims SmartTemplate4 (and 
>> other Add-ons) are incompatible with Thunderbird 68. Is there anything the 
>> Thunderbird team can do about this?
> Is there a bug report for this?
> If you mean the bug that add-on compatibility is not checked when first run, but 
> only once the timed (daily) update check takes effect, it's hard to think that one 
> would mean less users except for for part of a day. After that, it would have 
> updated and you'd be back to normal again.
>  -Magnus

no; *I mean Thunderbird ALWAYS reports the Add-ons being incompatible*. I have several 
such reports from users, and had to do a manual reinstall on my dad's PC after 
upgrading from an older version of Tb60.

*You can check for updates manually and it doesn't work, even after restarting*. The 
only way you can update the Add-ons is by:

1) searching for the addon name
2) clicking teh green [Add to Thunderbird] on the Add-ons description page to force 

I guess manual deinstallation / installation from disk will also work.

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