Bleeding Users, Since Christmas - following borked TB Updates

Axel Grude axel.grude at
Tue Jan 7 14:23:50 UTC 2020

Garrafrauns, 7/1/2020, 14:23

About: Bleeding Users, Since Christmas - following borked TB Updates

Dear Tb-planning.

Hi guys

I think we have a huge problem with Add-ons in the last 3 weeks

So my user numbers have halved. I am pretty sure it's due to a Thunderbird bug that 
claims SmartTemplate4 (and other Add-ons) are incompatible with Thunderbird 68. Is 
there anything the Thunderbird team can do about this? As you can see there is a 
decline in Tb60 users, but they are not reflected in an equal growing on TB68 side. I 
believe Thundebird just flags my Add-on as incompatible in about a 3rd of 
installations after upgrade to 68.

*The command "look for updates" does NOT work in these cases, the users have to 
manually install over.*

Taking a bigger birds eye view I was loosing 6000 users  (about 30%) because I decided 
to suggest mandatory licenses (4$ / year) - this is fine

  Please take a look at these numbers and explain what's happening here. But I do not 
understand why I am losing another 50%, in spite of getting multiple 5 star reviews 
and working on the Add-on code pretty much full time.

This situation is starting to cost me serious money, threatening my existence. Not good.

I think I need to concentrate on getting completely new users, even though the Add-on 
was very useful to many existing ones. Maybe the price of a coffee is just too much to 
ask. Also people probably feel betrayed because the ATN site doesn't sufficiently 
"warn" them about commercial Add-ons. There is a checkbox for mandatory payments but 
it doesn't really seem to show up on the Add-on's homepage (SmartTemplate4)


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