Thunderbird 78.2.1 and 81.0b2 milestone

Eyal Rozenberg eyalroz at
Mon Aug 31 14:32:36 UTC 2020

On 31/08/2020 5:41, Mike Dewhirst wrote:
> I'm really a lurker here

Hi Mike :-)

> In general the concept of e2ee is good. HOWEVER it solves a non-existent
> problem. Email has been insecure from day 1 and everyone knows this and
> uses other mechanisms for keeping real secrets. 

Actually, this is not empirically the case. That is, a huge number of
people expect their emails to be confidential and not intercepted by
anyone - including many tech-savvy people. Of course they should know
better, but they:

1. Communicate with many friends, colleagues and business contacts via
email, daily.


2. Want those communications to be confidential.

It doesn't take a lot of mental effort to convince yourself that the
actual and desired state of privacy are not really different and avoid
going to the trouble of convincing your colleagues to switch modes of

On another note - I've been trying to send an important message to this
list but it's been repeatedly blocked. Too bad.


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