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neandr neandr at gmx.de
Sat Aug 29 17:05:38 UTC 2020

Thanks for forwarding and informing the TB community.

There have been discussions recently about accessing the file system to
r/w data (eg. preferences and/or addon relevant data sets).
What is the 'new' perspective for that using the `IOUtils`with TB ...
and if available with TB what are the implementation and release plans
for using it with addons also?

Am 29.08.20 um 07:51 schrieb Philipp Kewisch:
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>> *From:* David Teller <dteller at mozilla.com>
>> *Date:* 28. August 2020 at 4:50:39 PM CEST
>> *To:* Keefer Rourke <krourke at mozilla.com>, firefox-dev at mozilla.org
>> *Subject:* *Re:  New changes for File APIs in the Firefox Front-end*
>> Ten years already? Gasp, OS.File was one of my first serious
>> contributions to Firefox :)
>> But yeah, it now needs to go. The replacement looks much better, thanks
>> a lot for taking care of that!
>> Cheers,
>> David
>> On 28/08/2020 15:59, Keefer Rourke wrote:
>>> Hi folks,
>>> I'm Keefer — this summer I had the amazing opportunity to intern
>>> with the Firefox Performance Engineering team. To finish off my
>>> internship, I'm happy to announce some new changes with file I/O in
>>> the Firefox front-end.
>>> Up until this point, most file I/O in chrome code has been done
>>> using the `OS.File` API [1]. This API has suited our needs for many
>>> years (10!), but the implementation raises some concerns about
>>> start-up performance, cache-contention, and memory usage (see bug
>>> 1231711 for more info).
>>> This summer, a significant amount of work has been done to implement
>>> a new file API written in C++ which is not subject to these
>>> concerns. The new API, called `IOUtils`, is now available in the
>>> latest nightlies, and it is slated to replace `OS.File`. Work is
>>> ongoing to replace `OS.File` usages with analogous calls to
>>> `IOUtils` (see bug 986145), and new usages of `OS.File` should not
>>> be introduced. The new API is very similar to `OS.File`, but has
>>> some important ergonomic and performance improvements. You can find
>>> a migration guide here [2].
>>> TL;DR if you need to read, write, or otherwise manipulate files from
>>> privileged JavaScript, please do so using methods on the new
>>> `IOUtils` global.
>>> Questions? Check out the FAQ in the migration guide, or head over to
>>> the #perf channel on Matrix and we'll be happy to help out :)
>>> Cheers,
>>> Keefer
>>> [1]:
>>> https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/JavaScript_code_modules/OSFile.jsm
>>> [2]:
>>> https://docs.google.com/document/d/10_3dg0azLREP76esG5yWX4O8z4MJ0VUsplfPaTqhPxc/view
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