An endangered internet species: Firefox

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Tue Aug 25 16:50:07 UTC 2020

On 2020/08/16 16:51, Óvári wrote:
> Hello,
> The article entitled "An endangered internet species: Firefox" by 
> Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols [1] concludes with:
> "Firefox will live on in one way or the other. It's open source after 
> all. But Firefox as an important browser, or Mozilla as a significant 
> open-source developer hub? No. I can't see it. Those days are done. 
> Firefox is officially on my endangered species list."
> What does this mean for Thunderbird since it is built on Firefox?
> If there is no Firefox, does that mean there will be no Thunderbird?
> Thank you
> Óvári
> [1]
I was on a summer recess and so slow to read the e-mails.

The author, Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols 
<> is a 
well respected author. He earned the respect over the years writing 
balanced articles on PC OS and software. So some people do take his 
opinion piece seriously. the perception angle is very important in IT 
trade industry.
Mozilla has some explanation to do to him, and needs to do it quickly.

Anyway, whatever he has to say on Firefox, he has a follow-up 
encouraging (of a sort) article on TB.

"Thunderbird e-mail client survives Mozilla layoffs
Despite rumors to the contrary, Mozilla's Thunderbird e-mail client will 

think someone ought to contact him to clarify some issues regarding 
MZLA, developer community in particular, etc. He is kind of favorable to 
TB as far as I read it. So while he is all ears, minor corrections or 
additional information need to be conveyed to him as much as possible.
Getting exposure in his column is a good thing for TB IMHO.

He is posing this question at the end of the article.:
Thunderbird's audience is only to keep growing. The real question is: 
Will the now semi-independent Thunderbird manage to start prospering as 

Your guess is as well as mine.


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