PDF Viewing (pdfjs) landed in Daily

Nomis101 Nomis101 at web.de
Sat Aug 22 10:20:28 UTC 2020

Am 22.08.20 um 10:58 schrieb Mark Banner:
>> This are great news, I was waiting for this for several years now. I've tested this with some of my
>> PDFs and it seems it works nice in most cases. But there are some PDF files which open nearly blank.
> First thing to do is to load those in Firefox. If they fail there then this needs filing under
> Firefox :: PDF Viewer - the core viewer code is the same.
> If it is only Thunderbird, then please file a bug somewhere under Thunderbird - console logs,
> example emails (or snippets of how the attachments are included in the email) etc would be useful.
> Also check if the whole message has been downloaded maybe.
> Mark
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Hi Mark, I've already tested this in Firefox 81.0a and it looks fine there. So, it seems to be a
Thunderbird-only issue. I was already opening a Thunderbird bug for this, but the affected PDF
contains sensitive private data and I'm not able to generate a PDF without private data that is
affected as well.

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