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I didn't receive it either. Here's a screenshot of my message list 
around that June 22: https://www.screencast.com/t/781509I4

Jörg Knobloch wrote on 2020-08-17 5:35 PM:
> On 17/08/2020 22:33, Kai Engert wrote:
>> But the archive for tb-planning doesn't.
>> https://mail.mozilla.org/pipermail/tb-planning/2020-June/thread.html
> Strange, here's the message:
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> Subject: 	Thunderbird Council Elections 2020 - Preliminary Electoral Roll
> Date: 	Mon, 22 Jun 2020 14:13:37 -0400
> From: 	Patrick Cloke via governance <governance at lists.mozilla.org>
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> Hello Mozillians and friends of Thunderbird,
> The next Thunderbird Council election is coming up. As in previous 
> years, people eligible to vote and to stand as candidates need to be 
> on an electoral roll. Contributors are eligible to be an elector if 
> they have contributed 10 or more hours per year of involvement in the 
> Thunderbird project. To illustrate this, if a contributor first became 
> involved three years ago then the expected contribution is at least 30 
> hours, if two years ago then at least 20 hours, and if one year ago or 
> less then at least 10 hours. Contributors may self-nominate, and on 
> request must submit examples that illustrate their level of involvement.
> Contribution can be any of the following:
> * triaging bugs;
> * fixing, or reviewing code changes;
> * providing support on SUMO or other forums;
> * localizing Thunderbird, related websites, or extensions;
> * testing, writing, or reviewing add-ons;
> * furthering the Thunderbird cause by constructive contributions to
> tb-planning; or public relations, including writing blog posts,
> posting on social media, artwork, etc.
> People working for Mozilla who dedicate time to Thunderbird are also 
> eligible.
> This simple rule will spare us any complicated metric, such as “x 
> number of patches submitted”, “x bugs submitted” or “x SUMO comments 
> written”, etc. If we have missed a group of contributors, or if you 
> are unsure if your contribution qualifies, please reach out to the 
> Council, or me personally.
> Since we already know the people who are dedicating time, their most 
> precious asset, to Thunderbird, we have prepared a preliminary 
> electoral roll based on previous years. This is available on the wiki 
> <https://wiki.mozilla.org/Thunderbird/Council_Elections_2020>. Note 
> that new additions have the year they were added in parentheses after 
> their names, e.g. “(2020)”.
> We ask voters who were previously added to the electoral roll to check 
> for themselves whether they still fulfill the criteria mentioned above 
> and inform us if they are no longer contributing to the Thunderbird 
> project at the required level.
> To reiterate, people who are not on the preliminary electoral roll can 
> contact the Council or me and ask to be included, mentioning their 
> contribution. The idea is not to make it hard to be on the electoral roll.
> In general, the election process will work as in past years, follow-up 
> emails will include more instructions on the exact timeline, but you 
> will have until at least July 6, 2020 to be added to the electoral roll.
> The election will be run by a neutral third party who we're still 
> planning to line up!
> Thanks,
> Patrick Cloke
> Thunderbird Council member
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