[Council Meeting] Minutes from July 06, 2020

Berna Alp ba at pep-project.org
Fri Aug 14 16:36:52 UTC 2020

Thunderbird Project Council Meeting

When: July 06, 2020 at 9:12 PM CEST
Minuter: Berna
In the call: Magnus, Wayne, Berna, Jörg, Patrick, Philipp
Guest: Brian Behlendorf
Regrets: Ryan

• Wayne and Magnus informed us about the start day of two
new Thunderbird team members. They are most likely to join the team on
July 15th.
• Council discussed other staff issues.

• Wayne talked us through the 78.0 build and release schedule. 78.0
will be built this week (the week of July 6th) and it will only be
available via manual download from archive/ftp site. Wayne also told us
that theEnigmail 2.1.7 for TB68 shipped an info message that “informs
the users about the upcoming TB 78 release”.  He also mentioned that the
Enigmail 2.2 “migration version” for 78  messsage is  pending review
“for those who ignored the warning and upgraded anyhow”.
• berna inquired if we had more information on the add-on authors
that were not making the jump to 78. Wayne replied that they are
generally ready within the first two months.
• Wayne gave us an update on the MOSS grant applications
(code development and code audit). Both applications have been submitted
and awaiting assessment from MOSS. The code audit is expected to begin
at the end of the MOSS grant, in August. Berna asked if someone on the
Thunderbird team verified the scope of the code audit, Wayne explained
that Kai is copied on all the emails and has the opportunity to respond
if necessary, Mozilla Security is also involved. 

• Patrick updated us on the upcoming Elections. He started looking at
redoing an election schedule and it is ongoing. The election timeline
was also discussed. Some of us on the council are concerned about
participation level due to summer holidays. Patrick outlined the next
steps as:
• Add self-nominations to the list
• Solidify the timeline
• Setup the mailing list
• Contact Don Marti. Don is an independent monitor who has helped us
with the last two elections.
• Ask people to run for election

• NDA for staff members: It has come to light that not all of our
team members have signed an NDA. The recommendation is that all
Thunderbird team members sign an NDA, it would be a similar version to
the (new) council NDA.
On a related note, the new council will be signing the NDA with the
changes that berna forwarded.

• Magnus disclosed a possible partnership which is in the exploratory phase.
• Jorgk asked about the status of another partnership. It is still
in review and expected to be concluded soon.
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