Beta add-on support on ATN - asking for a reminder

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Hi Axel,

Can you describe your update issues in a topicbox thread? I have not yet seen that, but if it is a real issue, we should fix that.


> Am 14.08.2020 um 16:38 schrieb Axel Grude <axel.grude at>:
> Dear Eyal Rozenberg,
> I believe it was removed by Firefox / Mozilla core. Not sure if can have it back, but I would find it very useful, seeing that I have my first ADd-on in late beta stages:
> As an aside - I am also afraid that the update mechanism within Tb68 doesn't work with SmartTemplate4 - I have seen a lot of instances where the update wasn't picked up (even with "force update") and I had to manually "install over". I am even thinking of migrating it under a completely new name "SmartTemplates" because I do not like the current one.
> regards,
>   Axel
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>> Subject:Beta add-on support on ATN - asking for a reminder
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>> With 78 coming in, people are publishing extension betas, but for a long while ago, ATN/AMO hasn't offered a mechanism for publishing betas separately from regular versions (like it used to); so we either keep betas on other channels-of-distribution, or push them as a replacement for the older stable versions. 
>> I've forgotten why the beta version feature disappeared from ATN/AMO; can someone post a reminder of why that happened, and perhaps speak to whether there are plans to restore this feature? 
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