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Tue Apr 28 17:55:03 UTC 2020

Hello all,

Sorry for the radio silence on the Virtual Summit. After conversations 
with presenters around times and dates it seems that the consensus was 
having a more spread out Summit where people could tune in over a longer 
period and have more time to digest the content was better. Also, I 
decided to forgo the Doodle polls as presenter availability was more 
limited for some than I anticipated. There is still one talk time TBA 
(as you'll see below). I will post updates to times to this thread if 
things change.

All talks will be recorded and posted to LBRY and YouTube, so if you 
miss a talk don't worry. The schedule is posted on this page of the wiki 
<> (as well as 
below) - and the links to the videos after the talks will be posted to 
that page after the talk is done.

The talks will take place in Zoom, in the status meeting room 

So, here is our list of talks and times:

    *Thunderbird in 2020*

Type: Presentation

Host/Speaker: Ryan Sipes [:ryanleesipes] <mailto:ryan at>

This presentation covers the changes Thunderbird underwent in 2019 and 
early 2020 as an organization, and our plans to make 2020 the best year 
for Thunderbird yet.

*Date/Time: May 5, 17:00 UTC*

    *Taking care of the tree*

Type: Presentation & Discussion

Host/Speaker: Magnus Melin [:mkmelin] <mailto:mkmelin at>?

Short presentation of how Treeherder works, how to star failures, file 
bugs and such.

*Date/Time: May 7, 13:00 UTC*

    *Hey, we got designers!*

Type: Presentation & Discussion

Host/Speaker: Alessandro Castellani [:aleca] 
<mailto:alessandro at>

How we're working towards a consistent visual identity and improving 
usability through design iterations, and how we're trying to do it 
without upsetting you too much.

*Date/Time: May 12, 17:00 UTC*

    *How to begin with Thunderbird Development: A guide for University
    students and Junior Developers*

Type: Presentation & Discussion

Host/Speaker: Khushil Mistry [:khushil324] <mailto:khushil at>

This presentation and discussion would cover my journey as a GSoC 
student and Thunderbird Intern. I will talk about the difficulties I 
faced and how university students and junior developers can start their 
contribution with Thunderbird.

*Date/Time: May 14, 16:00 UTC*

    *Why we might want to start type checking our JavaScript and how
    that could even work*

Type: Presentation & Discussion

Host/Speaker: Paul Morris [:pmorris] <mailto:paul at>

JavaScript is a dynamically typed language, but now TypeScript 
<>'s tooling can be used to statically 
type check plain vanilla JavaScript files 
(with some help from JSDoc <>). Type checking offers 
various benefits that include catching certain classes of bugs sooner 
(before they get to users) and making code easier to understand. Tools 
like ESLint and Prettier have improved Thunderbird's JavaScript code and 
developer experience. Would type checking be a good next step and how 
might that work?

*Date/Time: May 19, 17:00 UTC*

    *Developing integrated OpenPGP support*

Type: Presentation & Discussion

Host/Speaker: Kai Engert [:kaie] <mailto:kaie at>

An update will be given on the progress of the ongoing effort to add 
integrated OpenPGP support to Thunderbird, about the work that is still 
ahead of us, and we'll discuss your questions.

*Date/Time: (TBA)*

    *The importance of white space, a UI experiment*

Type: Presentation & Discussion

Host/Speaker: Alessandro Castellani [:aleca] 
<mailto:alessandro at>

A little journey on how we can drastically improve the usability of 
Thunderbird by carefully implementing empty spaces.

*Date/Time: May 26, 17:00 UTC*

    *Thunderbird 78 Overview*

Type: Presentation & Discussion

Host/Speaker: Magnus Melin [:mkmelin] <mailto:mkmelin at>

Thunderbird 78 is coming up in mid 2020. Overview of what we can expect 
to see in that.

*Date/Time: May 28, 13:00 UTC*

    *How to Improve Thunderbird Documentation*

Type: Discussion

Host/Speaker: Ryan Sipes [:ryanleesipes] <mailto:ryan at>

This discussion would cover how we might improve developer and 
enterprise user documentation. Would also like to touch on how to make 
the developer documentation easier to find for new contributors.

*Date/Time: May 28, 17:00 UTC*


If you have an feedback or wanted to submit your own talk or discussion 
item - please ping me and I will do my best to accommodate. This is our 
first of this type of event since I've been on the team so I am sure 
there is much that we will learn along the way.


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