Thunderbird suggestion box

Mark Banner mbanner at
Tue Apr 28 07:30:38 UTC 2020

On 27/04/2020 21:58, Eric Moore wrote:
> I suggest a couple dozen feature requests from Bugzilla get ported to
> the suggestion box as a yeast starter. Include a link to the relevant
> bug report(s). One reason to do that is users are used to feature
> requests getting ignored or triaged. Why should users believe anything
> is going to be different this time if we completely start from scratch?

Building on this and re-phrasing I think one question is indeed, what
are these suggestions for? We've had many ideas filed over the years,
I'm pretty sure we haven't looked at a lot of them.

Are we looking for what to work on next? The killer feature? General
improvements for everyone to aid more usage?

A suggestion box is a start, but unless it is actually listened to and
obeyed, it just becomes an echo box.

I know this isn't quite what you wanted Wayne, but I think having an
answer to that would guide the solution. It is a bit hard to suggest
alternatives without that answer, but there's various things that I know
Firefox does that could be alternatives:

Doing user research - engaging with real individuals and getting them to
do specific tasks, seeing the issues they face (there's various online
services that offer this).

Doing surveys of users - you could do a survey on the start page of a
few suggestions that we've had (e.g. maybe around one specific area like
what you see when you switch folders), and get a wider range of feedback
as a result. There's other types of survey possible as well.

Doing experiments - implementing something, rolling it out and see its
effects on users.


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