Call for OTR testers

Alessandro Castellani alessandro at
Tue Apr 28 03:35:11 UTC 2020

Hello everyone,

URA Design, is organizing usability tests for the new Off-The-Record 
Chat feature currently available in Thunderbird Beta.

They're looking for multiple candidates matching different criteria.
I'm attaching an excerpt from their email so if anyone is interest can join.

    The profile of the testers we need are:

      * A person who has never used Thunderbird/Chat/OTR
      * A person who has used Thunderbird and the Chat feature but not OTR
      * A person who has used Thunderbird but not Chat or OTR

    They can be from various professional backgrounds and computer usage.
    Participants can fill their availability here: and by sending their email
    to Renata Gegaj (CC'ed in this email).

Participation is voluntary and no compensation is available for the 

Thank you,

*Alessandro Castellani*
Lead UX Architect
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