[Council Meeting] Minutes from 2020-03-26

Berna Alp ba at pep-project.org
Mon Apr 27 22:20:42 UTC 2020

Hello everyone,

Please see below the summary of the Thunderbird Council Meeting notes from 2020-03-26. 

Thunderbird Project Council Meeting 2020-03-26
Call Minutes

Date: Thursday, March 26, 2020
Session chair: -
Keeper of the minutes: berna 
Magnus, Ryan, Berna, Wayne, Jörg (late due to timezone confusion)
Regrets: Patrick, Philipp

The meeting commences at 1:10pm CET.


* Approval of minutes of the meeting from prior weeks.

* There was a lengthy discussion on moving forward with hiring the candidates who have been interviewed by Magnus and Jörg. There is a concern, repeatedly voiced by Ryan, about the economic downturn brought on by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Berna and Wayne agreed to reducing the number of hires and adjusting the strategy whereas Magnus and Jorg suggested going ahead with the planned hires in order to open up more income streams and not to disrupt the donations from add-ons. We discussed how to tackle the hiring in most cost-effective way as possible. Magnus is to write down the motion for council’s vote by the end of day, March 26.

* Ryan will also prepare a financial projection spreadsheet with different scenarios for the next 3 years and share it with the council members with signed NDAs.

* The donations are up for March 2020.

* We are awaiting feedback on benefits package as well as procedural clarifications on hiring staff in different parts of the world.

* The council decided to proceed to put in motion a three month trial of the OKRs (Performance Review Process). However, the timing of the trial is to be determined by Magnus in order for us not to put additional stress on staff who might have already been forced to change their daily routines due to the coronavirus pandemic.

* We have discussed about Firefox and Google Chrome exercising caution in or pausing shipping updates to users. Wayne will send out an email to the tb-planning list outlining the Thunderbird update policy during COVID-19.

* Mozilla legal shared that they have a plan in place for handling legal matters pertaining to determining & mitigating risks regarding users’ privacy with respect to existing and future encryption mechanisms.

* berna followed up with Mozilla legal on the NDA. Awaiting feedback.

Call ends at 2:15 pm CET.

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