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Wayne Mery vseerror at
Fri Apr 24 21:44:18 UTC 2020

Creating a suggestion box has been mentioned a few times over the years, 
in part because neither SUMO nor bugzilla are built to accept user 
feedback in a way that is simple, and that scales to provide an 
organized, prioritized list of desires to product planners.

Rather than debate the merits of such a system and whether we should do 
it - I'd like to focus this thread on the features we'd want in a 
system, and what systems we might consider should we choose to get one.

I've been exposed to uservoice and one other system (whose name I 
forget) as a user of paid and free software, and the experiences were 
both good - but that was a long time ago.  So it would be helpful to 
hear about systems you have used and what you liked or didn't like about 

Some links to a few references to help start the conversation

  * and
  * and
  * (not sure I
    agree with everything here, but in interesting read)

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