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Wayne vseerror at
Mon Apr 20 22:14:02 UTC 2020

A fair question as to this being a hypothetical situation.

The situation actually exists on the current council, and this direction 
evolved from the issues related to not having an NDA.  Also there is no 
intention to discourage participation, else, assuming the majority of 
members acted as responsible representatives, the motion would have been 
voted down.

On 4/20/20 2:28 PM, alta88 wrote:
> As I said, farfetched. Sorry to belabor, but is this concern due to an 
> actual experience or something lawyers have merely planted. It is a 
> key skill to know how to manage lawyers.
> Whether intentional or not, the effect will clearly be to discourage 
> new electors from participating.
> And if that farfetched really long tail risk is an issue, then 
> certainly it will lead to the council being encouraged to pay for key 
> man (sic) and directors insurance and an hr department. Is that where 
> this project is going?
> On 20/04/2020 10.22, Wayne wrote:
>> On 4/20/20 11:59 AM, alta88 wrote:
>>> On 15/04/2020 15.45, Wayne Mery wrote:
>>>> To: Thunderbird Community
>>>> It is now April and normally our elections process would be well 
>>>> under way.  So we want to give you an update of our status.
>>>> Much of the council work involves sensitive financial and personnel 
>>>> matters, and also working with confidential information which flows 
>>>> through Mozilla, all of which require a Mozilla NDA. Therefore, it 
>>>> has been approved by the council that electors who stand for 
>>>> election to the next council term shall commit to signing an NDA at 
>>>> the time they agree to stand for election.
>>> Are you saying privileged information will be imparted to potential 
>>> electors prior to their actual election or non election? Because if 
>>> not, then this makes no sense at all. It is fine to communicate the 
>>> requirement of signing an NDA as a condition of taking a council 
>>> seat, if elected. Or are you worried someone will be elected and 
>>> refuse to sign an NDA? Seems farfetched.
>> Perhaps I didn't state this completely clearly.  There is no 
>> privileged information to be provided during the election. Yes, the 
>> requirement is that someone who agrees to be placed on the election 
>> ballot and voted it, shall commit to signing the NDA as a 
>> precondition prior to the vote.  The reason for this language is 
>> because will be quite awkward and disruptive, will it not, if someone 
>> is elected and then doesn't then sign the NDA - we'd then need to 
>> hold elections again just for that person's position.
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