[Council Meeting] Minutes from 2020-03-12

Magnus Melin mkmelin+mozilla at iki.fi
Thu Apr 16 11:20:25 UTC 2020

Hey, the practical implications of the membership are - if I may 
summarize - that you get a place at the table when standardization 
around calendaring is discussed and standards in that area developed. See

  * https://www.calconnect.org/membership/why-join
  * https://www.calconnect.org/membership/membership-benefits

"CalConnect... [] ... is a non-profit partnership between vendors and 
users of collaboration systems and tools, in particular calendaring and 

There is a yearly 3k membership fee, that includes getting some benefits 
around CalConnect conferences and general visibility as well as improved 
possibilities to influence standardization work. With Lightning now 
integrated in Thunderbird, I think this is an area worth participating in.


On 2020-04-14 23:39, Eyal Rozenberg wrote:
> On 14/04/2020 20:30, Magnus Melin wrote:
>>   * Motion by Philipp for Thunderbird to join CalConnect
> Can someone write some more about the practical implications of this 
> membership - both in terms of what we "get" and what we will need to 
> "give back"? Or is it more of an advisory/vision-setting organization?
> More generally - perhaps some background on the TB-CalConnect 
> interaction?
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