Annual Report

Eric Moore emoore at
Fri Apr 10 01:18:20 UTC 2020

1. Why hasn't there been an annual financial report that provided some high level numbers about where we are getting money from, what the run rate is, what the yearly budget is, how much (if anything) is being spent to get donations, how large are the reserves, etc.? Ideally this report would be available on Please note that I'm NOT asking about confidential information such as salaries, hourly rates, details of contracts etc. Buy it should include how much money did we earn from each business relationship and whether the current financial statement has been reviewed by an accountant.

My impression is that several million dollars may have been raised and/or spent since the project became independent without any of the reporting that you would expect for the Council to be accountable to the community. I'm NOT trying to suggest that anybody is doing anything improper but this seems a unacceptable practice. You wouldn't let a condo assoc. get away with this for example even if the law didn't require it. If the rationale is that there is no need as its all been reported to Mozilla, then I'd argue that we are not a community lead independent project despite what anybody says.

2. With elections coming up and the fiscal home changed to MZLA Technologies Corporation in order to "collect revenue through partnerships and non-charitable donations" how can the community provide feedback as to whether they think the Council is going in the wrong direction (or encourage them to keep doing what they are doing) without basic financial information about our current status?

3. Will more information be provided about what type of partnerships are being pursued before the elections? I'm talking about the general direction being pursued and how much impact this has on future development plans, not specifics. An analogy would be that Fastmail has gone from being a email provider that targeted IMAP power users and had family friendly plans to going upscale and targeting teams.

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