Reminder: Addon Developer Roundtable Call - Tuesday

Christopher Leidigh cleidigh at
Mon Sep 30 03:43:19 UTC 2019

We  will be having our next call Tuesday at the same time as last time.

Tuesday at 18:00 UTC

The meeting will be held via Zoom in the following room:

This meeting takes place an hour before the general Thunderbird status 

There is not a set agenda, however, I will be demonstrating a new tool I 
have  been working on to help developers find solutions for code by 
implementing the new "xpiLib"
which will make it easy for developers to browse all extension code as 
well as share ideas and information on specific issues.

Also, if there are any specific agenda items people wish to discuss you 
could point them out here.

Hope we continue to enlarge the group!

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