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Wayne Mery vseerror at lehigh.edu
Sat Sep 28 15:26:58 UTC 2019

On 9/28/2019 10:31 AM, Eyal Rozenberg wrote:
> As I've previously commented - please add more information to the 
> minutes, to make them less cryptic and more accessible to people who 
> weren't participating or are just reading this list. Specifically, and 
> using these minutes as an example:
> On 26/09/2019 16:43, ba wrote:
>> 1.Hiring/Personnel**
>>   * Benjamin Flanagin resigned. 
> 1. This should be appended with a link to his personal page on the 
> project web page, so we can remind ourselves of what his position was.
> 2. Resigned with no reason given? ... maybe not the extreme specifics, 
> but - personal reasons? Professional disagreements? Some specific 
> triggering event?

personal reasons

>>     Most of his tasks other than triage will
>>     be passed on to other staff. We will hire a staff member to work on
>>     bug triage after all the other more urgent positions have been
>>     filled. 
> 1. Looking at the website, under "Get Involved" - I don't see any list 
> of open positions.
> 2. Even if parallelization of hiring efforts is impractical, you can 
> at least post about the opening of the position.
> 3. What size position is this (% FTE or hours/week)?

"More urgent positions" are those which we might fill first IF we were 
hiring - but we are not currently hiring (you haven't seen any hiring 
posts on tb-planning or elsewhere).  There is no further information to 
convey at this time about hiring or filling vacant positions.

There is room to improve these minutes, but these simply report 
discussion and actions taken. They are not meant to be overly 
explanatory.  And I expect they will never contain official 
"announcements" nor calls to actions.  Such items would be announced in 
some future stand alone posting.  But a blog post format for meeting 
reports with lots of background explanation or historical context isn't 
likely to happen at this time.

> > We wish Benjamin all the best in his future endeavors.
>>   * Members discussed the need to put in place a policy for personnel
>>     issues such as raises, benefits, etc.
> as opposed to what happens now, which is... ?

As implied, there is not currently a uniform policy.  Which is 
complicated by the fact that we hire in multiple countries.

>>   * Magnus brought up the need for travel budget. 
> as opposed to what happens now, which is... no refunds for travel? 
> Case-by-case?
>> 2.Governance
>>   * TB Bylaws
> which already exist? Which are to be created for the first time?

There's nothing on the website and nothing has ever been posted to 
tb-planning, so definitely none exist.

>>       o Berna is working on incorporating all the feedback obtained from
>>         other council members.
> Are these only supposed to apply to council members?

Yes, as stated.

>> 3.Legal
>>   * Thunderbird Telemetry and the legal requirements
>>       o Wayne is working on a new broader TB Privacy Policy.
> What is the current state of affairs? Or at least - in what council 
> session was the current state of affairs w.r.t. telemetry surveyed?

The current state of affairs is we essentially have no useful telemetry 
in the product and a very old privacy policy. So it was decided that we 
should update the policy before we reboot by enabling new telemetry 

>> 4.Miscellaneous
>>   * Strategy
>>       o Ongoing – Ryan has collected the feedback from the Council
>>         members and ironed out the costs.
> Essentially impossible to understand what this sentence means unless 
> you were at the meeting. Strategy for what? Feedback on what? Costs of 
> what?

Everything related to long term planning for business strategy

I'll let others speak to the remaining items.

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