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Fri Sep 27 13:54:36 UTC 2019

Hey Folks,

I'm wondering if we ever got anywhere with this. 

The reason there are different authors is that this extension has changed hands a few times.

jwq would you be able to tell us which of the forks could be considered "latest", i.e. most likely to work in Thunderbird 68? 

Have you tried reaching out to the current authors on

I'm happy to facilitate in getting this resolved, maybe it would make sense to continue the discussion on a thread with Ryan, Christopher and me.


>> On 20. Aug 2019, at 12:44 AM, Jörg Knobloch <jorgk at> wrote:
>> On 19 Aug 2019 14:25, jwq wrote:
>> There are, I understand from that Issue, likely to be some problems listing the extension because it uses an add-on identifier which is already on ATN (I've already confirmed that the 5.0.0-alpha3 xpi fails the validation test on this point) and because the extension may fail code review. I don't know how much of a problem it will be to resolve these issues.
>> I do know that ExchangeCalendar has been identified as a critical extension on this very list (2 May 2017 02:40:46) and so I'm raising it here as an extension that might to be seen to be an important for future planning.
> I'm a bit confused.
> You're not one of the authors, are you? They seem to be Markus Weiland (advancingu) and Adrien Dorsaz (Trim).
> So why don't the authors change the add-on identifier and submit the add-on to ATN. Then some reviewer can take care of it.
> Jörg.
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