Thunderbird de-RDF effort finished

Geoff Lankow geoff at
Wed Sep 25 22:34:33 UTC 2019

Wahoo! That did take an age. Well done, especially to Ben.


On 26/09/2019 06:21, Magnus Melin wrote:
> It's been a long time coming (about a decade!) but today was the day 
> we could finally remove the last pieces of the RDF 
> <> 
> usage from the Thunderbird code base. The whole rdf folder was sent to 
> bit heaven freeing up around half a megabyte in one commit. 
> <> 
> What does it mean? Less code to maintain, and code that's easier to 
> work with and understand. Folder lookup was one of the last pieces 
> that depended on it, and folders is really used all over the place. 
> More modern ways of looking up messages and storing messages can now 
> be explored.
> Thanks to Ben Campbell for pushing it over the finishing line!
>  -Magnus
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