gdata moving to github

Geoff Lankow geoff at
Thu Sep 19 21:57:49 UTC 2019

Will the code also be removed from comm-esr68?


On 20/09/19 04:50, Magnus Melin wrote:
> Provider for Google Calendar (gdata) is going to move out of 
> comm-central into github <>. 
> For historical reasons the source code for add-on has been in 
> comm-central, but was never shipped with Thunderbird.
> What does this mean for its users? Nothing really, the add-on will 
> continue to work just like before. We're not planning to do anything 
> special with the gdata users. I'd like to make the Lightning built-in 
> CalDAV access more discoverable, though that applies to all Google 
> CalDAV calendars, not only Google Calendar.
>  -Magnus
> P.S. To subscribe to your primary Google CalDAV calendar, set it up in 
> lightning by entering 
> (where example is replaced with your own address)
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