Thunderbird de-xbl effort finished!

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Thu Sep 19 13:11:29 UTC 2019

From end-users point of view big thanks to all involved in this project, for your great achievements in making Thunderbird better everyday...

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Subject: Thunderbird de-xbl effort finished!
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As you may know, for the past year the Thunderbird team has put a lot of 
work into migrating away from the Mozilla proprietary XBL technology, 
and as of today, I'm happy to announce we're now XBL free!

Thanks, and congrats to everybody who participated in this effort! 
Especially Khushil Mistry, Paul Morris, and Alessandro Castellani each 
converted many bindings. Also a big thanks to the mozilla-central de-XBL 
team whose background work made this possible.

XBL over time

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