Extension Statistics - 9-16-19

Juergen Fenn jfenn at gmx.net
Tue Sep 17 07:43:09 UTC 2019

Am 17.09.19 um 08:13 Uhr schrieb Christopher Leidigh:
> I have posted the first few reports, I will add a couple tomorrow.
> We picked up 10 extensions in the last two weeks.
> Still a little bit low 41/Top 100
> https://github.com/cleidigh/ThunderKdB/tree/master/extension_statistics/Reports%20-%2009-16-2019

Thanks, Christopher.

I'd like to point out that the no. 3 add-on "Manually sort folders"
again fails on TB 68 which ("Lightning" won't count here because it is
shipped regularly).

Could you please include this in core? We finally need the ability to
sort accounts and folders at a user's pleasure.

Thanks, again.

Best regards,

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