Provider for Google Calendar and other add-ons providing core features to Thunderbird (email,contacts,calendar,tasks)

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> Subject: [Council Meeting] Meeting minutes from 2019-09-09
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Call Minutes from the Thunderbird Project Council Meeting on 2019-09-05
> Date: Thursday, September 9, 2019 at 2:00 PM CEST
> (...)

* Discussion about under what circumstances an add-on would be shipped
> with Thunderbird (due to the current issues with the Google Provider for
> Calendar add-on).
> * For history, Lightning is the only "true" add-on shipped with
> Thunderbird. (...)

 Hi everyone,

- the publication of minutes above,
- the recent discussion about gdata-provider in "Investigate moving
Gdata provider calendar usage to CalDAV"
- the bugs and performance issues related to Gdata provider
- permanent removal of Calendar::Provider:GDAta from (aka
BMO) as per
- on-going removal of gdata provider from the comm-central repository

I just wanted to raise the following as contribution to the on going

- Thunderbird shall provide out-of-the box the following minimum core
feature that everyone expect from an email client to have at the minimum:
-- email
-- contacts
-- calendar
-- tasks

Those core feature shall integrate seamlessly and perform well when syncing
with online services via open protocol (caldav/cardav, imap/smtp, etc...)
but also with a minimum of widely used proprietary solutions (e.g MS
Exchange/365, Google Gmail/Contacts/Calendar/Tasks, etc...) as per user

While TB team are focusing on supporting open protocols, like CalDAV, to
integrate them as core feature and leaving proprietary protocols to add-ons
which is understandable... some of those add-on providing core feature or
essential sync capabilities to core feature such as allowing to sync Google
Contacts or Tasks for example shall be paid special attention and care for
the sake of end-users... who have needs... and TB Teams shall help add-on
developer to polish such core essentials features... and possibly have them
integrated by default as core feature... subject they work well and perform
continuously well!

The more versatile and performing Thunderbird will be... the more it will
be used and the more it will help end-users move seamlessly away from
proprietary solution to more open protocol and solutions when the
opportunity would raise... it could also possibly be used as a tool to help
such migrations...

In light of this I would suggest perhaps:
- to keep the Provider for Google Calendar as a separate add-on and not to
move its usage to calDAV... so it can keep up with any changes that may
raise Google side...
- to integrate the Provider for Google Calendar to TbSync add-on as
suggested by John Bieling in his vision described here and combine it with
gContactSync... I do share this vision... subject that the council approved
or will approve merging of TbSync add-on as a core feature of
Thunderbird... if would make sense to have one centralized interface to
manage all type of accounts... (including email accounts as well)...

Again the important aspect being:
- feature availability
- seamless integration
- performance

With regards to reporting bugs and issues on add-ons, especially core
add-ons or third-party add-on providing essentials features (from end-user
point of view) such gdata-provider... as an end-user reporting bugs, I am
really not too fan of having them des-integrated from the BOM as it create
another layer of complexity to report/manage and follow-up on bugs...

Just my small contribution views to aliment your further discussions on the

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