Thunderbird Extension Reviewers - (Public adulation , invitation)

Christopher Leidigh cleidigh at
Sun Sep 1 22:47:40 UTC 2019


I am not sure if this is proper for a newbie, but I think it's 
well-deserved and necessary.

Just since the beginning of the year the review process and reduction of 
time in the queues have been great.

For instance almost 100 new/update reviews occurred in August alone.  We 
improved the compatibility count with several important extensions

across-the-board.  I should be publishing an update for the extension 
statistics and I will note the recent activity.

Several reviewers are not only extension reviewers, but also busy core 
team members and extension developers themselves.  Bottom line -

  a whole lot of effort all around and very important for the 68 ESR.

Kudos to all !

If you are a extension developer interested in getting more down and 
dirty and helping with reviews, please contact Sylvain or myself,

the more reviewers we have the faster everyone's extensions get out the 
door.  I can personally state it's also a great learning experience

because you can never know too much!


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