Automatically fixing addons for new Thunderbird versions

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Sun Sep 1 21:27:43 UTC 2019


I would be interested to know more about the notification system.  This 
sounds useful.  I'm not sure if I am in a position to help on that, but 
I'm willing to learn more to see if I am able to.

Matt/All Re: fixing add-ons automatically

I think we would all agree for the totally automatic conversion case, we 
could take forever on that.  I don't think that's what you are 
advocating anyway.

I have been thinking about several possible tools along these lines.  I 
have started investigating a couple.  My perspective was what could help 
in the following areas:

1) Awareness/helping to know API/UI changes

     Just using ESLint with custom rules I made helps - this would be 
very easy to set up and make it easy for developers to find changes needed

     but I have to find the best equivalent for the XUL/HTML/XML files.

2) Help For solutions and changes - to develop us access to solutions 
and examples of other people's work

     I have started to set up a knowledge base of extensions - basically 
post all the source for many extensions and make it searchable

3) Basic "busywork" helper scripts - just having a few conversion tools 
even for partial stuff would help

     - install => manifest

     - creation of localization directories and messages.json

     - preferences converter for preferencesBindings

If the community feels these would be good help, I think I can crank out 
a few in between upgrading extensions!

All joking aside, I would be very interested in the feedback if this 
would be good otherwise I'll make sure to concentrate on other things.


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