users expectations on upgrade opto at
Sun Sep 1 15:14:26 UTC 2019

I find this user expectation significant:

'I did not find any significant improvements. By significant I mean
something that will seriously improve the way I work, or fix those
nagging bugs I have learned to live with over the years.' *1)

(TB 68 versus earlier, posted Aug. 30th)

I see and am aware of all the work needed and done to cope with FF's changes seeping over into TB.

Still, the post expresses what users hope to see when serious version numbers upgrade. Could there be more movement into that direction? I honour the work done, e.g. on the account dialog, but that impacts the first five minutes of TB use only, then that user experience is past time. Can more features be added?

thanks, Klaus

*1)!topic/, post 6 

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