[Council Meeting] Minutes from 2019-10-10

Patrick Cloke patrick at cloke.us
Fri Oct 25 17:02:03 UTC 2019

Sorry for the delay on this one! I'll also be sending the minutes for 
2019-10-17 shortly. Note that we've started compiling the feedback that 
Wayne received on our minutes, but these minutes were written before 
that was received. Please see the minutes below.


Thunderbird Project Council Meeting 2019-10-10
Call Summary

Date: Thursday, October 10, 2019
Keeper of the minutes: Patrick

In the call: Ryan, Philipp, Berna, Wayne, Patrick, Jörg
Regrets: Magnus

The meeting commences at 2:00 PM CEST.



* Long discussion on governance and organizational topics. As stated in 
our previous minutes, a separate communication will be released about 
this in the coming weeks.
* Discussion about the roles and interfaces with Mozilla Foundation, in 
particular how communication flows to and from the Council.
   * Some concerns were expressed to ensure transparency and redundancy 
of all communication to Council members.
* Wayne requested feedback on the survey to send about the Council 
minutes. (Which has now been sent to tb-planning since these minutes are 
a bit delayed.)


* Discussed the current contract with Gandi.net.

Call ends at 2:45 PM CEST

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