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Will will at impamark.co.uk
Thu Oct 17 11:26:04 UTC 2019

On 15/10/19 14:11, Magnus Melin wrote:
>> Email is stuck in its ways. We hate the word 'disruption' but email is
>> going the same way as fax. Can't change it. Engineer around it.
>> Millennials and Generation Z barely look at email beyond using an
>> account to setup their phones. They are the future.
> Email usage is just going up:
> https://99firms.com/blog/how-many-email-users-are-there/

Ahh, lies, damn lies, and statistics?

We said they use an email address to "register" their devices, and then
don't use it again... 'users' and 'usage' are two different things.

Equally, where are the comparative stats between email usage and chat/IM
usage??? You might have seen a meteoric rise in IM over the last 10
years. Email has not had that. Well, apart from the amount of junk sent.

There are any number of reports online showing you the rise in IM. That
is at the expense of email.

>From our own systems something like 70% of all mail that hits our server
is junk - and some days it is much higher than that. People are sick of it.

Junk on most IM platforms currently is minimal, and non existent on
internal systems.

But you know all this and that is why you have tried to integrate chat
into TB, contradicting yourself and your stats quoted above.

It really is a shame that there has not been a wider and more open
discussion about it.

https://matrix.org/faq  ??

> Regardless of that, for any business use case, I'm sure your contacts
> will be pleased to have you message them work conversations (other
> than casual) through social networks. [irony, if you didn't catch that
> already]

Actually you are making assumptions here, and you know the adage about
that don't you?

This is client driven. They are the people that pay the bills. If they
want, then we have to provide. Whether we like it, or not (personally I
hate it and avoid it in private, but... clients)

More and more of the big companies like M$ etc try to block it unless it
originates from another equally big provider. So you are forced more and
more to use email systems (M$, Gmail et al) that are not under your
control and where mail can be read my the providers (or at least meta
data) for advertising purposes. And you are worrying about IM?

Yup. Where we can we push them to use better more secure systems, and we
are pretty careful about what we do, and how we do it. GDPR and all that.

But, they are the clients and we have bills to pay. You cut your cloth


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