S/Mime usage

Mihovil Stanić mihovil at miho.im
Wed Oct 16 05:45:47 UTC 2019

15.10.2019 u 14:11, Magnus Melin je napisao/la:
> On 14-10-2019 23:02, Will wrote:
>> If you really want to do chat just build yourself a working API that
>> integrates Signal, Whatsapp (yuck) Facebook messenger & all that other
>> stuff.  Why bother with OTR when you can integrate their stuff which
>> already has end to end encryption?
> None of those are open systems. AND, regarding end to end encryption, 
> for the ones that even claim to support it we can only take their word 
> that there aren't back doors. In reality, with a centralized system 
> you're not safe against a powerful attacker.
> Thunderbird wants to enable *distributed*, open, end-to-end encrypted 
> communications. There are not too many common solutions for that.
Actually, Signal is open. And if it's true, Whatsapp is build based on 
Signal technology, but since no one can verify it...

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