E2E in chat (was: Re: S/Mime usage)

Patrick Cloke patrick at cloke.us
Tue Oct 15 15:00:37 UTC 2019

Hi Wiktor,

On 10/14/19 5:07 AM, Wiktor Kwapisiewicz wrote:
> Hi Patrick,
> On 11.10.2019 14:12, Patrick Cloke wrote:
>> I hadn't seen this exact compliance test site before. Thanks! I think
>> it is only half the picture though. If a server implements an XEP,
>> but no clients do, then it is not necessarily worth implementing.
>> (There's also the aspect of trying to understand what clients are
>> popular, I haven't looked into this for XMPP in a very long time
>> though.)
> Agreed. Additionally XMPP has a lot of unmaintained clients that are
> still in use so it's not really possible to cover all cases. On the
> other hand there is a high convergence of XEPs supported if one
> considers modern clients (such as https://conversations.im/ or
> https://dino.im/ ).
Definitely true! Thanks for a couple suggestions of more modern clients.
>> I should probably join the XSF mailing list... the thing missing from
>> that site is some understanding of how popular each of those clients
>> are. (What percentage of the user population supports it, not what
>> percentage of clients do.) 
> I'm not sure if it's possible to get "percentage of user population"
> in a federated protocol such as XMPP.
This can be tough, yeah, but I've definitely seen numbers for e-mail
before and done a little research on this for IRC. Anyway, your point is
valid. My counterargument really comes down to: with limited resources
you need to be selective in what is implemented.
>> Anyway, I'm not against supporting OMEMO, but supporting OTR was a
>> good baseline since it helps all the protocols implemented in
>> Thunderbird, and a bunch of the work had already been done a few
>> years ago. Kai and Alex finished integrating it.
> Sure, there is no harm doing that I guess and if it works with all
> protocols that's a big plus. I just wanted to mention OMEMO as
> observing a small circle of federated protocols is my hobby :)

Thanks for bringing it up! I'd be interested in any other observations
you might have.


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