S/Mime usage

Magnus Melin mkmelin+mozilla at iki.fi
Tue Oct 15 12:11:53 UTC 2019

On 14-10-2019 23:02, Will wrote:
> If you really want to do chat just build yourself a working API that
> integrates Signal, Whatsapp (yuck) Facebook messenger & all that other
> stuff.  Why bother with OTR when you can integrate their stuff which
> already has end to end encryption?

None of those are open systems. AND, regarding end to end encryption, 
for the ones that even claim to support it we can only take their word 
that there aren't back doors. In reality, with a centralized system 
you're not safe against a powerful attacker.

Thunderbird wants to enable *distributed*, open, end-to-end encrypted 
communications. There are not too many common solutions for that.

> Email is stuck in its ways. We hate the word 'disruption' but email is
> going the same way as fax. Can't change it. Engineer around it.
> Millennials and Generation Z barely look at email beyond using an
> account to setup their phones. They are the future.

Email usage is just going up: 

Regardless of that, for any business use case, I'm sure your contacts 
will be pleased to have you message them work conversations (other than 
casual) through social networks. [irony, if you didn't catch that already]


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