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Tanstaafl tanstaafl at libertytrek.org
Mon Oct 14 16:42:49 UTC 2019

Hi Ryan,

Actually, your explanation completely resolves any concern I may have
had - and I certainly didn't mean to come across as saying "I don't use
that feature, therefore it is a waste."

My comment was concerned with the fact that TB is, again, first and
foremost, an EMail client, not a Chat client. I don't think anyone would
disagree with that.

But if these details had been included in the OP, I wouldn't have said a
thing, because I have no problem at all with what you described.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to respond and clear that up, and
again, thanks for your and everyone's hard work keeping TB the best
EMail client available.


On 10/14/2019, 5:29:10 AM, Ryan Sipes <ryan at thunderbird.net> wrote:
> Hey Tanstaafl,
> The percentage of time and resources spent on chat probably matches up
> with the userbase that we have for chat. We have many large enterprises
> and a few governments using XMPP right now with Thunderbird.
> If they represent 1% of our userbase, that probably tracks with the time
> spent on this feature - if even, I'd say the time spent is actually a
> fraction of a fraction of a percent of donations. And those enterprises
> and governments, as far as I can tell, are a good source of donations.
> Also, the entire Thunderbird team uses chat in order to stay in touch
> and collaborate. Improving chat means helping the core team communicate
> more effectively, and if we can secure our chat with each other that's
> even better.
> This comes across as "I don't use that feature, therefore it is a
> waste." - which I think is a flawed way to think about what to work on.
> I've had a couple of enterprises reach out to share they've made
> reasonably sizable, often recurring donations, and share what they use.
> Are their donations not worth anything?
> Ryan Sipes
> Community and Business Development Manager
> Thunderbird <https://thunderbird.net>

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