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I believe all developers, core and extension, smartly peruse other 
people 's code for inspiration
and answers.  This is certainly how I began my journey with Thunderbird, 
and you need to do the same
  more now than ever.  While there is DXR and Bugzilla, these only house 
references to the core code trees.
xpiLib is basically an attempt to provide a simplified version for ALL 
extension code in one place
regardless if the extension has its own repository on GH or some other 
repository site.  This
it is only part of the intended use.

Currently there is a beta level release with the following:

- Complete metadata (extension detail, versions and manifest files) - 
all 1339 existing extensions
- Extension source code for all TB68 and TB60 compatible extensions. - I 
will upload the remaining later
- A "basic, focused" search that can target the source library, issues 
and gists
- Use of the issue system for posting solutions, links, code snippets et 
cetera related to the library
   or relevant external links
- Navigation to both the metadata and source from the extension list reports

The library already houses over one gigabyte of data, over 20k files 
(not yet including the bulk of source code)
, however, this is new and evolving.

I believe it is already useful and sufficiently populated  for the most 
likely purpose is currently.
Here are some brief notes on usage which I will augment as this progresses.

The xpiLib Repository/Library:

- Contained within the ThunderKdB GitHub repository
- xpiLib is implemented as a hybrid repository including the source code 
tree as well as GH pages
   to accomplish the search as well as a nicer HTML UI
- Navigation is pretty basic and needs to be improved, the main entry 
point is the index
for the GitHub pages side:

- This gets you to the reports, xpiLib search, links to the repository 
directly and eventually other useful links
- Clicking any extension name on a report will take you to a details 
page which is still work in progress
- The details page is where you eventually will be able to get all 
metadata, including all old version information
   currently it gives you pointers to the source tree.
- The source code trees are currently organized in a fashion to allow 
searching within three sets:
    xall - top of the tree for extensions
    x68 - all extensions that are 68 compatible
    x60 - all extensions that are 60 compatible BUT NOT 68 compatible
    xOther - <60 compatible extensions (metadata only , source to be 
uploaded soon)
- The organization set up to specifically deal with how you can GitHub 
searches done on repository code

Search Notes:

- I am shamelessly letting GitHub do the hard work, therefore I have to 
follow with rules
- The current xpiLib search uses GitHub's URL search, NOT THE REST api.
- This means that there are some differences in capability since GH 
searches and renders the results
- Some specific limitations are:
     - The search topic(s) ignores almost all special characters (this 
is crazy but true)
     - Quoting GitHub:

     "You can't use the following wildcard characters as part of your 
search query:
        . , : ; / \ ` ' " = * ! ? # $ & + ^ | ~ < > ( ) { } [ ].
      The search will simply ignore these symbols."

     - Multiple word topics can be used enclosed in quotation marks, 
unfortunately it does not solve the above. (currently this is the best 
way to reduce results)
     - I have not yet found the ability to define the number of results
     - I have also not found a way to change the number of source code 
lines returned
     - Some of the above could be fixed by using the actual API, but 
this would require doing all the results rendering

- Search Filters/Pointers:
     - Use the file filters to reduce results and increase specificity
     - When searching for an XUL element, e.g. <datepicker> use just 
'datepicker' (excluding quotes)
       AND filter for XUL files only that help since you cannot rely on 
the < or > to be included
     - I have filters for markup files, JavaScript files and a few 
others.  Additional file type suggestions welcome.
     - You can also look for codes specifically within the 60 or 68 
trees or everything
     - Another important note is that the search will also include 
issues and ultimately gists
       this is where share developer information in the library really 
       It is importantly powerful in the sense that anyone can create an 
issue that provides guidance
       as well as pointers to Code or information and these issues will 
be included in searches that are relevant.
     - Once search results are returned, one can dive into the 
particular files or tree to get the full picture

The issues and topic points:

  - Issues are viewed or created the core repository:

  The core repository link (not the GH pages root);

  - All developers can submit "issues" that get tagged for relevant 
topics that can point to
    a particular extension solution, external content, gists et cetera
  - This is really where the power of the library comes in, community 
participation, easy pointers to code
  - The idea is to augment the forums which are good places to ask 
questions, xpiLib is a place to do searches
    and ideally memorialize people solutions.  The utility will be 
proportional to community participation.
  - The issue for datepicker is something I made from my experience 
looking to replace the deprecated date picker
    it also includes references to how SendLater from Jonathan K. used 
the component from lightning.
  - There is another example for the deprecation of listbox - something 
both myself and Klaus have faced


- it's a work in progress, focused on the extension developer community
- I have lots of ideas to extend, and I am perfectly willing to do so if 
the community really finds this useful
- Suggestions are best done within the repository issues itself unless 
people want a wider discussion on the forums
- Thanks for suggestions from the few people who've taken a look at it 

I realize this is just one tool in the tool chest, I am really hoping it 
becomes more useful with participation!


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