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opto@optosolar.com opto at optosolar.com
Sat Oct 12 12:35:45 UTC 2019

looking at the transition from xul to html5, it looks like the html version is much more basic and featureless than xul.

Example: listbox-> richlistbox: selected lines highlight by themselves and are 'selected'

proposed replacement: <html:table>. Nothing of that. Extra code needed for highlighting, extra code needed for selecting, etc. CSS needed for styling. This is blowing up the code and needs knowledge how to do it.

Is there any intermediate way possible? Or code examples for basic function which one can copy without having to google for every single html and css feature?

Or, as a side question - would jquery and jqueryui work inside old or new TB?

All this stuff is making the transfer from old to new so time consuming. If I don't have to learn all this stuff from the very beginning, I could update more addons in the same time.



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