S/Mime usage

Will will at impamark.co.uk
Fri Oct 11 12:17:40 UTC 2019

On 11/10/19 00:32, Magnus Melin wrote:
> On 10-10-2019 13:04, Will wrote:
>> we'd like to know why TB is
>> spending presumably a lot of resources on chat client encryption?
> Thunderbird is committed to ensuring free and private communications.
> Not only for chat but email too, which the OpenPGP announcement would
> have you know. I think in the larger view of things, ensuring
> distributed end-to-end encryption systems for communication are easily
> obtainable is very important for freedom of speech and other
> fundamental rights.

We have whole heartedly supported moves to more secure comms for a long
time, and fully support the reasons for it.

We're not sure what relevance OpenPGP has to chat systems - that is just
conflating things. We understand the moves with OpenPGP for email.

However, there is a suggestion you are adding OTR to Thunderbird which
suggests you are trying to make it more a chat client and we just can't
see the logic behind that, especially when there are so many issues in
the basic email and calendar client itself.

Trying to compete in an already crowded *chat* market where you are up
against some seriously big players seems odd. We don't need TB for that
- there are much better solutions out there that fulfil your aspirations.

Why not just have hooks to use other systems, be that Signal or
whatever? Let the add on devs decide what they want to plug in.

TB are probably concerned that ultimately (in the long term) chat is
going to make email, and therefore TB, redundant. That really needs an
open conversation in itself.

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