Re: Dropping legacy support: Moving forward opto at
Thu Oct 10 13:31:15 UTC 2019

> This only took me an
> hour or two to figure out.

I am sure that is valid for core TB people, you, Magnus, many others.

It is not true for 'normal' addon authors (those which are not core TB).

This is what I want to bring over. For us, more support is needed.

> the add-on authors a route where they aren't going to have to do changes
> every version

Currently, this is a misconception. We do have to change every version. When do you envision this state to start? As we are already discussing the death of webextension exp., that seems to be so far in the future as to be invisible.

3) I don't feel all this is heard from the viewpoint of addon authors, because over and over, it is repeated how relatively easy it is to do upgrading. 

There is a mixup of what effect the core changes have for core people, and what they cause for normal addon authors.

If you talk about addons, it is totally irrelevant how much time you, Magnus, Philipp, Jörg and many others would need. We know you are totally capable in coding TB.

But how about the others?

Many of the 'normal' addon authors have just ..  left, they are gone.
So many, that it seems TB people are adopting/upgrading some addons so the users are not too angry or staying at 52/60.

How to get out of this loop:
Primarily, information and guidance for conversion is needed. Currently, it is missing or outdated (e.g. the guidance to use xul richlistbox instead of listbox, which was ok a few months ago but now is a waste of time. And it is not working out of the box, so a time sink).



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