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Hi Klaus,

most of this sounds like viable webextension apis, we'd want some way to interact with tags and to search messages. We do have a messages.query function that I believe uses gloda under the hood.

If you can't find what you are looking for in the docs then it is likely that the API doesn't yet exist. We'll certainly be working on a bunch of core APIs, but we can't do it without your help :) What there wouldn't be is direct access to Services.jsm

What we'd need to know is what specifically you want to do with gloda or the tags service so we can distill that into a suggestion on what an API would look like.

I think the best place to discuss this is 


> On 8. Oct 2019, at 7:28 PM, "opto at" <opto at> wrote:
> are services accessible  in webextensions? Or is that via some xbl or xpcom that will go away? (e.g. tagservice?)
> Will I be able to read/set tags from a webextension? Aka sync them between different TB installations (e.g. laptop - desktop)? I need gloda to search which messages are tagged.
> Will I be able to read gloda-id, gloda-dirty, and can I add custom stuff to the gloda-db? As in reply-monitor, which monitors which of my sent emails are replied to?
> I have some working addons for this (partly 60, partly 68), which I never uploaded because their future seems so dim.
> Any info concerning conversion to webextensions is very much appreciated.
> Preferably, please don't just ask to me to just try it - I am already 'trying' too much conversion stuff at the same time for various own and foreign owned addons, and am overwhelmed timewise.
> thanks, 
> Klaus
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